Sleep with your mouth open regularly: Causes and risks.

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Sleeping with your mouth open is a condition of breathing through your mouth while sleep. Some people may drool. And have a dry throat when waking up Sleeping with your mouth open is cause by some illness or abnormality in the body that prevents you from breathing through your nose normally. This can occur for many reasons. and can have negative effects on health.

Have you ever noticed that you or the people around you often sleep with your mouth open? Or when traveling in a bus, people often find people lying down with their mouths open. Why do they have to open their mouths? ยูฟ่าเบท have the answer.

Causes of sleeping with mouth open Often found together with snoring. This is usually cause by the breathing system while sleeping not being able to function fully efficiently, for example, it may be cause by allergies. That causes the inside of the nostrils to swell The body therefore needs You must open your mouth to breathe through your mouth. Or it may be cause by the length of some people’s uvulas. And when you lie on your back, it will block your airway. This is often accompanied by snoring. Sleeping on your side relieves the symptoms of sleeping with your mouth open. And some people can snore.

Normally, people should breathe in and out through their nose. This is because inside the nose there are nasal hairs that help filter dust and foreign substances that enter the respiratory tract. It helps increase humidity and adjust the temperature of the air that enters the lungs. Breathing through the mouth only occurs in certain cases, such as when exercising hard and unable to breathe through the nose alone or having certain diseases that make breathing through the nose uncomfortable.

However, breathing through the mouth all the time and sleeping with the mouth open It may cause many health problems as a result. In children, it may cause crooked teeth. Deformed jaw and face Not getting enough rest and having development that is not according to ageAs for adults who sleep with their mouth open, it can cause severe dry mouth problems, bad breath, tooth decay, gum disease, slurred speech, difficulty chewing food, snoring, and  sleep apnea. or make the symptoms of some congenital diseases, such as asthma,  more severe as well.

How to solve the problem of sleeping with your mouth open: Normally, when people sleep, their jaws are slack. But it’s slack like the lips are still close. For things like this, try practicing. Every time you feel yourself, try to close your mouth. Or always thinking about it, over time you’ll get use to it.