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Medicine for diarrhea Which type should I choose to eat?

Medicine for diarrhea It is that helps relieve, loose stools, and watery stools. There are many types. Mostly it helps absorb toxins. and eliminate germs that cause diarrhea from the body Including relieving other symptoms that may occur due to diarrhea, such as abdominal pain,

Dangers of office workers: Be careful of eye problems.

Eye problems are an inevitable problem for office workers: Because they must use their eyesight to work using computers. or even using current electronic devices or communication tools. Computer Vision Syndromeor(CVS)is a group of symptoms of the eyes and eyesight. That can occur from using a

Sleep with your mouth open regularly: Causes and risks.

Sleeping with your mouth open is a condition of breathing through your mouth while sleep. Some people may drool. And have a dry throat when waking up Sleeping with your mouth open is cause by some illness or abnormality in the body that prevents you