Endrik reveals he learned how to deal with criticism.

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Endrik Felipe was once depressed by criticism from the coffee city media. But now Palmeiras’ young striker football reveals he knows how to deal with the matter.

Palmeiras’ young Brazilian striker, Endrik Felipe, who is set to join Real Madrid in the summer of 2024 has revealed that. He has learned how to deal with criticism that used to make him depressed. Previously, according to a report from ‘The Guardian’ last Monday ทางเข้า UFABET 

Endrij is set to join Real Madrid next July when he turns 18. Few will face such a test of maturity as a teenager as a young talent. That he had been criticized by the coffee city media before. 

‘My mother and sister say I’m a cold person.’ Endrik said. ‘People say I have a heart of ice. And I’m very cool with my decisions and what I say.’ 

Endrik has faced pressure that affected him at the beginning of last year. After signing a pre-contract contract with Real Madrid. He performed so poorly that he was dropped from Palmeiras’ starting line-up and faced such a difficult time scoring. That the young striker was pictured in tears while on the bench. The back-up was removed from the field.

‘I was angry once. Because I want to show them who I am. I try to respond to criticism and show who I am. But then I understood that I didn’t need to prove it. There’s no need to show the opposite. My name is Endrik if they want to insult me. I won’t look at it. Yes, it’s hard. But it doesn’t matter to me anymore. Criticism can’t hurt me anymore.’ Endrik said.