Enrique Shocked! Called Gerard Pique in a preliminary bull dart.

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Several media outlets have report that. Gerard Pique was name one of Luis Enrique Martinez’s 55 preliminary players. Before being select to 26 for the football World Cup final.

Spain coach Luis Enrique Martinez may surprise some by recalling Barcelona defender Gerard Pique the 35 year old. In the 55-man preliminary list ahead of the tournament. The World Cup final will begin in the next three weeks. UFABET As report by Mundo Deportivo on Monday. 

Pique play 102 times for Spain and was involve in the 2010 World Cup. And European Championships two years later. He announce his retirement from international football after the 2018 World Cup. But was report earlier this year. In the past the 35-year-old defender consider returning to play with the Bulls again. 

According to several Spanish media reports. Pique was name as one of 55 members of Luis Enrique’s undisclose preliminary squad. It will be cut to 26 on 11 November after the 52-year-old coach was able to convince the players to return to the event.

Although Pique drop out of the bench in the Xavi Hernandez era’s Azul Grana squad. The lack of play has left the 35-year-old defender fresh. And Luis Enrique still needs a role is the leader of Pique into the dress room of the Bull.