Inzaghi awaits Lukaku assessment.

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Inter Milan coach Simone Inzaghi has confirmed that Romelu Lukaku will be assessed again later this week. The Belgian forward has just recovered from a muscle injury. That has been tackling since the end of August. In the past Lukaku has been on the field to knock on rust. But has more injuries.

The club said that Lukaku must be rested to wait for another assessment. And the latest Inzaghi has confirmed that the players will have a thorough medical examination again at the end of the week.

“He had a bit of a problem with the scar on the pitch on Saturday. A statement from the club came out. He will have to rest for a few days and then he will be assessed again at the end of the week.

“It’s a regression that we don’t want. During this time, he has done a great job for us. Hopefully we can use him again before the break.

“Hopefully Brozovic will be back on Sunday and Dambrosio is off the pitch and won’t help the team until after the break.” UFABET

For Inter, they are about to visit Bayern Munich in their final Champions League Group C match on Tuesday.