Kepa is the goalkeeper for the away game at Union.

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Kepa Arrizabalaga Will act as goalkeeper for Real Madrid in the away football game against Union Berlin on Tuesday.

The Whites have a queue to invade Union Berlin’s nest in the final Champions League Group C match on Tuesday. Los Blancos’ latest situation has definitely qualified for the next round as number 1.

At a press conference on Monday. Carlo Ancelotti confirmed that Kepa would be in the starting XI, replacing Andrej Lunin ทางเข้า UFABET 

“Kepa will play. Is it fair? I don’t know at all because it would be unfair to leave one of them as a substitute. If you think like that, there will be no fairness in every game.” the Italian coach said.

“Someone has to be there. [On the bench] The good thing is that Lunin got good opportunities that he hasn’t shown in the past. We are very happy, he is doing well. 

“As for Kepa, he doesn’t have to show that. He has the stats to show for it, but Lunin’s performance in recent rounds looks very good. But we must remain true to the idea that Kepa will always do well.”

For Lunin, he has been on the field for the past 6 games because Kepa has an injury. But now the goalkeeper on loan from Chelsea is in perfect physical condition and ready to start again.