Liverpool’s board fully supported Klopp despite his swinging form.

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Liverpool’s board still has full backing for Jurgen Klopp. According to Sky Sports Germany. The Reds’ two successive Premier League defeats. losing to bottom-flight teams Nottingham Forest and Leeds United. Have sparked criticism from the media and fans alike.

Especially the British media trying to ask ‘JK’ about the future and the team’s performance this season. Which the German boss insists that he only thinks of working in the field.

Recently Sky Sports Germany revealed that. Liverpool’s board is not inclined to social trends and fully backs the 55-year-old coach.

The Beer City newspaper further stated that neither the club nor Klopp were thinking about parting ways or resigning. In addition, the Reds are ready to continue to strengthen the team in the January market by focusing on central midfielders.UFABET

It’s not just a mid-season emergency team reinforcement. But the report also states that the board is looking forward to the future. And is ready to invest in grabbing top players to upgrade the team to perform well again.

With a big smile and signature laughter. Klopp accepted Liverpool’s invitation. Believing that this is the perfect club to start a new adventure of a lifetime. (More importantly, following his wife’s advice!) 

Of course, the mentor from the Black Forest who defined himself as The Normal One, a simple man. is fully aware of the goals and expectations of supporters who want to see the team return to the top where they were and have been away for a long time.