Masip reveals the reason why Messi won’t return to Barca.

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Enric Masip has revealed that Barcelona would have made more of an effort if Lionel Messi was keen to return to the club. Before the players decided to move to the United States

Enric Masip, adviser to Barcelona president Joan Laporta has revealed insights into how the pursuit of Lionel Messi this summer could have happened if the player was excited. To return to the Azul Grana team. According to a report from ‘Deario Sport’ on Sunday UFABET

Messi ended his contract with Paris Saint-Germain this summer, with Barcelona trying to lure the Argentinian striker back to his old club. But the player ultimately decided to join Inter Miami. With Masip revealing the Azulgrana side would have tried to make it happen if the player was keen to return. Even though there is the problem of Financial Fair Play being a major obstacle.

When asked if Messi’s return to the club was possible. Masip said: ‘I think so. In terms of being talked about, yes, if he’s excited to come here. There will probably be an effort to make that happen.’

‘In the end Everyone decides to go where they have their dreams and life projects. He abandoned earning money in Arabia to go to the United States. He looks happy with his family.’

When asked why Laporta wanted to bring Messi back and the relationship between the two. Masip said: ‘The president wants him back. Because Leo’s departure was a bitter matter. But he must put the club before anything else. Their relationship has been rebuilt.’

‘And I think the president was right in offering him the opportunity to leave the team in a Barca shirt. And open the door to celebrating the best player in history.’