Xavi emphasizes that Pilsen’s away match is still important to Barcelona.

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Xavi Hernandez insists Barcelona still want a win over Viktoria Pilsen football on Tuesday. Although there has been no consequence.

Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez insists Tuesday’s Champions League group-stage finale against. Viktoria Pilsen is still important for the Azulgrana squad to play for their glory and want to win. To maintain good momentum for the last two La Liga games. Before the break opens the way for the World Cup final. According to Deario Sport on Monday. 

Xavi said.

‘Match with Victoria? It’s an important game for us. We want to finish this game with good results and maintain our good form in the league.’ UFABET

‘The game against Victoria is also an important battle for players who have little chance of playing and for young players. Every game is an opportunity.’

‘Why is the match against Victoria important? for dignity and professionalism Tomorrow we have to win and finish this race well. It’s very important to have a good feeling in the last two league games before the World Cup.’

Xabi also mentioned that the World Cup is about to begin in the next three weeks. ‘The influence of the World Cup on the dynamics of the team? There is always a risk of injury. even in training Players don’t have to think about it. when you compete well Show that you did your best The important thing is to take care of yourself.’

The Barcelona trainer also spoke of the deterioration of the Azul Grana team. ‘I lived in the worst period in the history of the club from 2000 to 2003 and the best period in the history of the club from (Frank) Rijguard until I retired. we have to stand Now is not the time to doubt this team.’

Before discussing the Champions League elimination, more that 

‘We are in an unexpected situation. Eliminated from the Champions League But we have to believe in the concept and in the team, I’m very positive, I still think we’re on the right track. We will win the title in 2023.’

‘We cannot compete in a very difficult Champions League group. But this year we have moved forward, in Munich we played very well.’

‘We lost it We have the opportunity in our hands. But it slipped out of hand because of a mistake. unfavorable situation and the judgment of the judges’

‘The Champions League is in our hands twice. In Munich when we played well but we didn’t win and facing Inter at Camp Nou when we can control everything. But in the end we always That’s in our hands,’ Xavi said.