What is trans fats?

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Trans fats are one of three types of total fats: saturated fats, unsaturated fats, and polyunsaturated fats. And trans fat with the main components being Trans-structured polyunsaturated fatty acids. Small amounts can be found in fats in meat and milk. But most trans fats are fats that are synthesized during the food processing. by adding hydrogen into vegetable oil to make the vegetable oil more solid. And make the fat that will help extend the life of the food even more. And increase the stability of the food taste. It’s also cheaper than conventional fats. Therefore, the industry or various entrepreneurs. Therefore, it is popular to use food or products that contain trans fats for cooking

Foods or food ingredients that contain trans fats include:

Shortening, margarine, non-dairy creamer, sweetened condensed non-dairy creamer (popularly used to make desserts Mix drinks instead of butter, real cream, or sweetened condensed milk.). Therefore, we find foods that are high in trans fats in Western desserts. Such as cookies, cakes, donuts, whipped cream, pies, and crisps. Various fast food various drinks and food containing all of the above-mentioned ingredients UFABET

In addition, if you think that you can turn over the ingredients of the food from the table showing the nutritional value of the product. Even if it is found that there is a trans fat or trans fat number 0, it does not mean that in that food. There will be no trans fats at all. Because manufacturers take advantage of loopholes in limiting the number on the packaging label that. If the amount of that ingredient is less than 1 g, i.e. from 0.9 g onwards Numbers can be rounded down to 0 without displaying the decimal point. 

So in many ways. The product may therefore contain up to 0.9 grams of trans fat per serving. If that product Putting in a package that shows the whole food has 2 servings, that is, in two servings, could mean we’re at risk of ingesting up to 1.8 grams of trans fats. (if we eat them. The whole package / box) Although the product label shows the number that contains 0 grams of trans fat.