The reason is that you are hot but do not have a fever. Can tell you your health condition.

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Hot but no fever It is a condition in which the body feels hot. It’s similar to symptoms when you have a fever, but without the fever. or for those. Who have equipment for measuring body temperature It will be found that the temperature measure will not exce 37 degrees Celsius. The symptoms of being hot and not having a fever may not indicate any problem if it occurs only temporarily. But if the symptoms do not improve, it may also be a sign of some disease.

High temperature is one of the important symptoms that are often found in patients with fever.  However, it is also possible that sometimes fever-like symptoms may be cause by other causes. Including Mild causes such as feeling hot after eating spicy food to the reasons that should be examin by a doctor. Such as diabetes Thyroid disease and other diseases.

Feeling hot like you have a fever, but your body temperature is normal. It can be cause by many reasons, including environmental factors. lifestyle health conditions Therefore it should not be overlook.

Warmth is a symptom that can be felt through the skin. It is usually cause by the transmission of heat from within the body. But sometimes it is the heat in the skin that makes you feel hot.

Fever is a symptom where the body temperature is higher than the specified threshold. Normally, a person’s body temperature is approximately 37.5 degrees Celsius. But if you have a fever, when measured with a thermometer in the mouth, สมัคร ufabet, armpit, or ear, the temperature will be approximately 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher. or measured rectally, the temperature will be higher than 38 degrees Celsius.

What is the cause of being hot but not having a fever: Fever often makes one feel hot. But environmental factors Certain lifestyles, medications, age, hormones, and emotional conditions can cause the body temperature to rise without a fever.

Hyperthyroidism: An overactive thyroid gland By secreting more hormones than is necessary. This causes symptoms of being unable to tolerate hot weather, sweating profusely, and heart beating fast and hard. More frequent stools, diarrhea, difficulty sleeping, feeling tired.

Stress and anxiety: Stress or anxiety causes the blood to pump faster. Your heart rate increases, your heart palpitates, your body feels hot, and you may experience flushing and sweating.  

Entering menopause: Women who enter menopause will experience hot flashes. This is due to changes in estrogen levels. The part of the brain that controls body temperature works more quickly than usual and makes it easier to feel hot.

Exercising or doing heavy activities: It can cause the heat in the body to increase. Especially people who don’t exercise regularly. or doing heavy activities in hot and humid environments Therefore, you should avoid exercising or doing heavy activities. During the hot weather and drink enough water.

Eating certain types of food and drinks: Certain foods and drinks can increase your body temperature, such as spicy foods and warming herbs like ginger or galangal. alcoholic beverages and beverages containing caffeine.

Wearing clothing that is too tight: Clothes that are too tight or dark in color It may increase body heat and block air circulation around the skin. Synthetic fibers may retain heat and prevent sweat from evaporating. Makes you feel hotter and more sweaty.

Treatment for symptoms of high temperature but no fever is based on the underlying cause. If it is cause by environmental factors and lifestyles. Just change your behavior, such as wearing loose, light-colored clothing, staying in a ventilated place that isn’t too hot, drinking lots of water, avoiding spicy food and alcohol or caffeine, etc.